ESPN Predicted The NCAA Tournament With Rats And The Results Were Surprisingly Perfect

The sports world is only two things this week:

1. People filling out NCAA Tournament brackets
2. People making fake NCAA Tournament brackets

That’s it. Everyone from Brooklyn Decker to Barack Obama to Dawson By God Leery have picked winners, and you couldn’t even do an NCAA Tournament bracket for pitting all the fake NCAA Tournament brackets together in a giant tournament of tournaments tournament without 1,000 people doing it first.

Knowing this, ESPN predicted the NCAA Tournament with rats. They built a middle school science fair rat maze a la The Brady Bunch, put little jackets on a bunch of rats and had them run at imaginary basketballs. BECAUSE WHY NOT.

The funny thing is that the tournament is pretty spot-on. If they picked it perfectly, shut it down, that’s the best thing that’s ever going to happen.