Nothing To See Here, Just A Giant Rat That Got Stuck Trying To Claw Its Way Out Of A Hotel Toilet


A few months ago, the good people over at National Geographic basically confirmed our nightmares by proving that rats crawling up through your toilet is not actually an urban myth, and demonstrated how easily it can be done. If that wasn’t enough to make you poop tight, enjoy this lovely story from Redditor Cecebird, who writes that her uncle was staying in a hotel when he heard scratching coming from the bathroom. Presumably after a call to hotel management, here is what they found:

Now, she doesn’t say this happened in New York City, but let’s be real. This totally happened in New York City. That seals it. Next time I stay in Manhattan, I am going to hold all of my poops and learn to pee standing up.

(Reddit via BroBible)