A Man Bought A PlayStation 4 Bundle From Wal-Mart, Only To Discover He Was Sold A Box Full Of Rocks

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The bundle had previously been returned by another customer and was heavier than usual — yet Walmart resold it anyway.


A Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Tried To Get This Woman Fired From Her Job With Fake Racism

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A man tried to use a new Tumblr to get his ex-girlfriend fired? It didn't work.

playstation 4

Some Scam Artists Figured Out How To Buy A PlayStation 4 From Walmart For $90

By | 12 Comments

After Wal-Mart vowed to match any prices, people created fake Amazon listings for the PlayStation 4 and took advantage of the retailer.


This Craigslist Ad For Free Nationals Playoff Tickets For A Threeway Is Likely Fake

By | 2 Comments

An unnamed 24-year old Nationals fan is giving away his Game 1 tickets to two ladies who will sleep with him at the same time.


Watch Kentucky’s Most ‘Notorious’ Fake Beggar Get Busted By A Reporter

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After he previously admitted to a TV crew that he was a scam artist, Gary Thompson was busted on camera in Louisville begging for money.


A Band Found A Way To Silently Scam Spotify Out Of $20,000

By | 4 Comments

Vulfpeck released a silent album to earn some loud money from Spotify.


Robin Hood Exists And She’s A Young Florida Girl Who Climbs Into Claw Machines

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A young Florida girl was spotted climbing into a claw machine and handing out prizes to kids as they told her what they wanted.

This Is What It Looks Like When You Get Scammed For Red Hot Chili Peppers Tickets

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A Redditor just shared with caption, "My friend paid $228 for two Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, and got this in the mail..."

#Star Trek

A Man Convinced Investors Canada Was Making 'Star Trek' Medical Tricorders

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Apparently there are people out there who think "Canada's funding Star Trek tricorders" sounds totally plausible...


A Criminal Genius In Buffalo Stole More Than $200,000 In Quarters From Parking Meters

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Parking really is a rip-off in Buffalo, thanks to James Bagarozzo.


Amazon Has A Massive Security Problem

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Fortunately, your credit cards are safe. It's just that Amazon's customer service team is entirely too trusting.


Those Airline Giveaway Instagram Accounts? They're Fake.


Yes, those airline accounts trending on Instagram are pretty much crap. But at least they're quickly outed crap.


FTC: Bring Me The Head Of Rachel From Card Services!

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The FTC wants robocalls dead, and they're willing to pay to get it done.


Shockingly, Americans Are Ripe Suckers For Online Scams


While we all like to believe the majority of the country is stupid, thanks to [INSERT YOUR OWN POLITICAL JOKE HERE], it is a little embarrassing when we get solid proof.

the smurfs

Smurfs Week In NYC Promises To Be Nothing Like Shark Week


Because I'm a cynical prick, anytime I hear of a municipality entering into some sort of marketing campaign with some sort of corporate behemoth that stands to benefit greatly from it, I automatically assume that a slimeball politician is getting his pocket greased in one way or another, and 9 times out of 10 that is exactly the case.


The Epic Scam Behind “Cowboys and Aliens”


In something that may shock and surprise you, the original comic book that they decided to base a huge Hollywood movie on, and was insanely obscure before, costs a lot of money on eBay now.

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