British Airways Is The Target Of An Old-School Scam Spreading Via WhatsApp

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It’s a scam older than social media, email, even the internet: A letter shows up at some sort of communication point, telling you that something awesome can be yours, if you’ll kindly just fill out this form and send it back, or send a bunch of money back, and of course annoy literally everyone you know about it. Now, it appears British Airways is the latest target, via WhatsApp.

The scam is simple, and has been going on with various motives for decades. The mark gets a webpage that seems legit at first glance (take a look at the dot under the “T” in the URL below) and asks them to fill out a short survey. Once they do, they’ll get two free tickets anywhere in the world. But once you finish the survey, you get redirected to a bunch of other surveys asking for all sorts of personal information. There’s also plenty of grammatical errors!


It’s not clear if this is just a scam to try and collect your personal data for future annoyances, or if there’s something going on under the hood of one of the sites that is more malicious. Either way, when airlines give away tickets for free, there is a PR motive behind it and they make a big scene over the whole thing. They damn sure don’t use texting to promote it.

If somebody sends you this scam on WhatsApp, delete the message. Don’t worry, there are much better ways to save money on air travel.

(via Business Report)

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