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The White House Was Evacuated After A Man Jumped The Fence And Managed To Make It Inside

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A man hopped the fence at The White House and managed to make it inside before being stopped by Secret Service.


A Toddler Managed To Squeeze Through The Fence At The White House

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How many people will worry about terrorist trained babies making their way through the gates at famous landmarks now?

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The Secret Service Is Building A Sarcasm Detector? Oh, That’ll End Well.

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The Secret Service is such a bunch of stiffs they need a sarcasm detector. No, really. They're buying one.

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Let’s Relive The Time The Secret Service Threatened To Shoot Mr. Met If He Got Near The President

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Mr. Met, much like any mascot, can be a bit annoying at times. But is that really any reason to blow the guy away with sniper fire?

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How The Secret Service Broke It Off With Mitt Romney

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I think the only thing shut down faster following Romney's loss were his staffers' campaign credit cards.


Matthew Vaughn Leaves ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel, Bryan Singer Returns?

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Matthew Vaughn has walked away from directing the sequel to his 'X-Men: First Class', and Bryan Singer may take over.


People Staring At Computers Are A National Security Concern

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Kyle MacDonald is a 25-year-old with a master’s degree in electronic arts.

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