She Is Lorde, Ya Ya Ya, And Her ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack Is Really Good

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She may secretly be a 45-year-old man, but Lorde's still a teenager at heart.


Nü Metal Jacket: Revisiting WWF Forceable Entry 12 Years On

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It's been 12 years since the classic (?) WWF Forceable Entry CD. Let's take a walk down Nu Metal memory lane.

WWE 2K15

John Cena Is Making His Triumphant Return To The Rap Game With Wiz Khalifa On The ‘WWE 2K15′ Soundtrack

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Rap God John Cena returns to the game as a featured performer on two Wiz Khalifa songs on the 'WWE 2K15' soundtrack. He's a bad, bad man.

trent reznor

Stream Trent Reznor’s Soundtrack To David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ Now


Trent Reznor and David Fincher sittin' in a tree, m-a-k-i-ng creepy music.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Now Has A #1 Album

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In addition to being a surprise hit, the Guardians of the Galaxy can sure pick a soundtrack.

#The League

Prepare For Season 6 Of ‘The League’ With A New Poster And The Official Soundtrack

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FXX released the first poster for Season 6 of 'The League' today, and you can stare at it while listening to the show's awesome soundtrack.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Here Are All The Songs On The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Mixtape

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' releases the official track list of its mixtape... and there's a lot of cheese-rock on there.


The 10 Worst 1990s Movie Soundtracks

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Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page's collaboration for the "Godzilla" soundtrack was bad, but was it the worst 1990s movie soundtrack?


‘Jurassic Park’ Goes Vinyl, You Know, For Hipsters

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The 'Jurassic Park' score gets the Mondo treatment.


The Show With The Best Music On TV Is Getting The Soundtrack It Deserves

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'Bob's Burgers' is finally getting the soundtrack release it deserves!


15 Soundtrack Classics That Should Have Won The Oscar For Best Original Song

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Remember when OutKast wasn't nominated for an Oscar, but a bad song from "Pocahontas" was?


Let’s Pay Tribute To The God Of Soundtracks Kenny Loggins On His 66th Birthday

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In honor of the 66th birthday of the god of 80s movie soundtracks, we're rocking out to all of Kenny Loggins's greatest film hits.


Here's Every Single Song In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

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All in the songs in "Grand Theft Auto 5," from Kendrick Lamar to Bob Seger.

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Forget The Controversy, Let’s Get Excited About The Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Leak

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The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack has leaked, possibly in full, and it is incredible. Kendrick Lamar! Eddie Murphy!

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‘Perfect Dark’ Soundtrack Is Finally Available Online

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'Perfect Dark' had great music... and now you can finally listen to it again.


The ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Sampler Has Arrived

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Here is a sampler of the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby -- arguably the most-hyped movie of 2013 -- featuring each song in 30 second increments.


Well of course Fergie has a song on The Great Gatsby soundtrack

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Baz Luhrmann is the guy who directed Moulin Rouge and that Romeo and Juliet movie set in a Miami-ish gangster universe where the bad guys all wore Hawaiian shirts and called their guns "swords" (I actually kind of liked that one), so it should come as no surprise that his version of The Great Gatsby looks approximately like a disco ball f*cked a rainstick.

#new music

‘Twilight’ Soundtracks Continue To Be Awesome, With New Songs From St. Vincent And Passion Pit


Despite the vapidness of all things "Twilight," its soundtracks have been spectacular, including "Breaking Dawn" with St. Vincent, Green Day, and more.

the dark knight rises

Hear All of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score Right Here

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Before anybody complains: there are no spoilers you can't pull from the trailers.

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