Watch This Expert Gamer Use A Crazy Glitch To Beat ‘Super Mario World’ In Minutes

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You are about to watch a man rewrite the code to 'Super Mario World' while playing it (and without modding it).


Sad Craigslist User Begs For ‘Idiot’ To Help Him Beat ‘Super Mario World’

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A grown man is begging for help to join the ranks of the victors over 'Super Mario World'.


Please Enjoy The ‘Super Mario World’ Theme Song If Yoshi Told The Truth About Mario


ADHD is ruining more childhood memories with a video of the Super Mario World theme sung from Yoshi's perspective. Damn, Mario. That's cold.

#Fascinating Facts

15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About Yoshi

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Here's a few interesting tidbits about Yoshi, gaming's most popular dinosaur...


Dude Proposes Via Custom Programmed Super Mario World

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I like to think that I've thumbed through, author <a href="">Mickey Royal</a>'s , The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide enough times to really understand how to go about proposing to a beautiful woman -and yet still I am amazed that I never once considered reprogramming a classic video game.

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