Musicians That Might Look Better Tattooed

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Michael Bolton might finally get some street cred with some nice prison ink.


Behind The Ink: The Personal Meanings Of Tattoos On Five Major Musicians

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The meaning behind Gucci Mane's famous ice cream face tattoo is surprisingly moving. Bwhahaha, just kidding!


Eight Of The Best Tattoos Inspired By Music

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Music often inspires art, like these eight great tattoos.


Your Guide To The Meaning Behind Reggie Ledoux’s Tattoos On ‘True Detective’

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Meth cook Reggie Ledoux's tattoos might offer some insight into the world of the Yellow King.


Ten Album Covers Worth Tattooing On Your Body

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Looking for art to tattoo onto your skin? Here are ten album covers that make the grade.


The Mugshot Of The Week Comes To Us From C-L-E-M-S-O… N!

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There's no better way to show your pride for the Clemson Tigers than by showing up with a head tattoo of the team's logo in your mugshot.

things that will be eventually regretted

A Man Got A Rob Ford Tattoo And, Yes, He Was Trashed When He Got It


Further proof that Rob Ford is our new crackhead overlord: people are getting Rob Ford tattoos.


Check Out This Guy’s Tattoo Honoring The 20th Anniversary Of Wu-Tang’s First Album

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As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),' one Wu-Tang Clan fan got a very creative Ric Flair tattoo to honor the occasion.

THE 1990S

This Guy’s Majestic Michael Jordan Back Tattoo Is Totally Not Weird


Here's a guy with a full Michael Jordan backpiece tattoo featuring two portraits and a jersey recreation, which is totally fine and not insane.


‘Eastbound & Down’ Countdown: Here’s A Collection Of Some Badass Kenny Powers Fan Art

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Proving what a beloved and hilarious character Kenny Powers is, here is a collection of some awesome Eastbound & Down fan art.

theresa vail

Miss Kansas Theresa Vail Is The First Miss America Contestant With Exposed Tattoos

By | 14 Comments

Miss Kansas Theresa Vail is both the second service member and the first woman with exposed tattoos to compete for the Miss America title.


Buy Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue, Get A Free Tattoo

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Show just how much you love Nirvana and "In Utero."


Would You Get A Random Strangers’ Face Tattooed On Your Ass? This Guy Did.

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Selfless Portraits, an Internet "collaborative art" project, recently got a total stranger to tattoo his ass with the face of another total stranger. Really.


Woman arrested for invalid license really likes Shrek

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While perusing <a href="http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/mugs-august-9-2013" target="_blank">TheSmokingGun</a>'s collection of the week's best mugshots, I found one movie related.


With Leather’s Watch This: Sweet Ronda Rousey Tattoo, BRO

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This is apparently a real tattoo of Ronda Rousey if some random person <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=644081802270286&set=a.154707421207729.27438.154703797874758&type=1&theater" target="_blank">posting on Facebook</a> is to be trusted.


War Machine And Christy Mack Are In Love And Have The Tattoos To Prove It

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If you aren't familiar with former UFC and current Bellator fighter Jon Koppenhaver, he's the closest thing MMA has to the Ultimate Warrior.


This ‘Breaking Bad’ Tattoo Aaron Paul Posted To Instagram Today Both Is Amazing And Insane


This Breaking Bad tattoo is probably one of my favorite ever. I also question the sanity of the person who got it.

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