This Chef And Tattoo Artist Made Atlanta ‘Home’ — Then It Became Their Inspiration

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We partnered up with Toyota Camry to ask Chef Akhi — a celebrity chef, food influencer, and recipe creator — and Miya Bailey — a community organizer, humanitarian and artist — for their takes on how one of the hottest cities in the nation has inspired and influence them.

Chef Ahki wants you to feel better every day by simply eating well. The Atlanta vegan food consultant/health activist believes our well-being is tethered to both our diets and our communities. And for Chef Ahki, there’s no better city than Atlanta for your health and building that strong circle of support.

“Atlanta has certainly shaped my ambition,” Chef Ahki explains. “I think that people would be surprised to see the farm culture, the open-air farmer’s markets, and the agricultural community there.” This access to fresh, local foods has guided Ahki along a path to a life as a healthy chef. She looked around her at her family, friends, and neighbors and saw people getting sick from not eating well and decided to take matters into her own hands. Her goal: To build a community that put health at its center.

Chef Ahki started out by getting herself healthy then moved on to getting her family healthy. She started cooking plant-based recipes over and over again. She didn’t preach and proselytize about veganism. She just made good food that people wanted to eat. Chef Ahki feels that her approach to getting people hooked on plant-based diets came from living in a place as “lit” as Atlanta.

“Atlanta has really taught me to be clear about my business, to consider the far-reaching abilities of my brand overall.” Chef Ahki relays this message while talking about how her home is new and old at the same time so there’s tradition that can be reborn and made anew, like a “ripening” as Chef Ahki calls it.

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