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A High School Computer Aide Has Been Disciplined For Appearing Topless In ‘Free The Nipple’

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A computer aide/actress is in trouble for freeing her nipples. This is a travesty.

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This Kid Wrestled His Teacher To The Ground For Taking His Cell Phone Away

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The high school freshman was later suspended and charged with assault for the incident.

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Meet The High School Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students During A Boozy Beach Party

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What?? Two more women have been accused of nefariously preying on their teenage students.


This Science Teacher Completed His Students’ Random Doodles And The Results Are Quite Clever

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The Thailand-based science teacher would turn simple doodles into clever works of art.

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These Students Used Permanent Marker To Play A Devious Trick On Their Teacher

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Classroom pranks are sometimes best when they are kept simple. This dry erase prank is a prime example.

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Another Teacher Was Caught Allegedly Having Sex With Her Student (UPDATE: Debunked)

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Another day, another teacher caught doing something stupid with a student.

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A Teacher Tattooed The Name Of A Female Student She Allegedly Had Sexual Relations With On Her Body

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A North Carolina teacher reportedly had inappropriate relations with an underage student, whose name she had tattooed on her chest.

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A Washington DC Teacher Was Arrested On Her First Day For Having Sex With A Student

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Another day, another THREE news stories about teachers sleeping with their underage students.


A Texas Teacher Allegedly Had Sex ‘All Summer Long’ With One Of Her Students

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Ashley Zehnder, 24, is in big trouble for having an affair with a student at the high school where she teaches.


The Student Who Bragged About Having A Threesome With His Teachers Is Super Sorry

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The teenage boy who bragged to his buddies about having a threesome with two female teachers? He's very sorry for what he did.

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That Louisiana Teacher Threesome Totally Ruined One Town’s High School Football Rivalry Week

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The alleged threeway that took place between two female teachers and a 16-year old boy in Louisiana has residents upset over the exposure.


A Very Educational And Inspirational Ranking Of Our Favorite TV Teachers

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Celebrate World Teachers' Day with this very scientific ranking of the TV teachers who made going to class seem way more fun.


Meet The Woman Who Orchestrated That Wild Teacher-Student Threesome

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Here's what we now know about the threesome involving two teachers and a student.


These Two Female Teachers Were Arrested For Having A Threesome With A Student In Louisiana

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You never kiss and tell. You also never sleep with someone who's only 16.


A Teacher Who Slept With Her Student Put Inappropriate Photos On Facebook

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This special education teacher just learned an important life lesson: don't sleep with your underage students.


School Official Fat Shames Student’s ‘Chubby Wubby’ Mom At Community Meeting, Doesn’t Realize Mic Is On

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Watch Ray Cote call a student's mom a "chubby wubby" not realizing his comments are airing on local television and the internet.


Monster Children Are Giving YouTube Tutorials On How To Get Teachers Fired

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Won't somebody please think of the children...and STOP THEM.


Morning Links: Teacher Be Ballin’ While Grading Will Change Your Mind About How Much You Can Ball While Grading


A teacher spins a basketball on his pen, then writes with that pen. Teacher be ballin' while grading! (Video)


Meet The Dallas High School Teacher In Hot Water For An Old Playboy Photo Shoot

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A high school Spanish teacher in Dallas is the center of controversy after it was discovered that she was Playboy's Coed of the Month in February 2011.

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