Trick Daddy

The Primer: 10 Trick Daddy Songs Everyone Should Know

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Our most kid-friendly Primer yet focuses on Dade County's most unappreciated superstar.


10 Choice Hip-Hop Music Videos On Relationships

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Photo: Think Like A Man Facebook With Kevin Hart's relationship flick Think Like A Man about to hit theaters on April 20th, we realized not every guy goes about his love life the same way and taking cues from the Think Like.

Trick Daddy

The iPod Shuffle – Memphis Bleek’s “Round Here”

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Time hasn't been kind to Memphis Bleek, but that doesn't detract from one of the best group cuts of the 2000s.


10.23 The Cooler

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Larena, Whip Appeal Isiah And Magic In Full-On Feud [The Baseline] Playstation 3 Now Outselling Xbox, Wii [BI] Shawn Kemp Is Back, Sort Of [Dime] Reasons White People Like Boyz N The Hood [Gunaxin] FBI: Mobster 'More Powerful Than A John Gotti' [CNN] Khloe Kardashian Has [...].

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy – “Ruby Red”

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Trick Daddy Dollars has a reputation for keeping it brutally vivid when it comes to his music (see his soul-piercing classic "America" if your mind needs refreshing.

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy – “This Is The Sh*t I Live”

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With all the flaugin' going on in rap, it's always good to have a figure like Trick still harassing would-be tourists to the 305 & verbally smacking these fake aggins for livin'.


5.7 The Cooler

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Rub The Bottle & Make A Wish.

What's Beef?

Battle Of The Sunshine State

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Ross to Trick: "You a sucka.

Young Jeezy

DJ Khaled – Out Here Grindin’ (Part Two)

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At first, I thought Plies was gonna be missing off this track.

Trick Daddy

The Dancing Bear…

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-- Kanye's 5th grade jacket still fits him.

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