Here Are Some Delightful ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Frank Reynolds-Inspired Halloween Costumes

By | 13 Comments

We look back on some of Frank Reynolds craziest looks, ripe for appropriating for Halloween costume ideas.


Enjoy These Next Level Halloween Costumes From TV Comedies

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Don't fret if you're struggling to come up with a Halloween costume this year, the characters from your favorite TV comedies have got you covered.

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Happy Halloween, Here Are Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pugs

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For no reason other than this photo exists, here is a picture of three pugs dressed up as Game of Thrones characters.


A Comprehensive Guide To Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Episodes

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All the costumes from all of this year's Halloween episodes, from "New Girl" to "Trophy Wife."


The 10 TV Fandoms That Are Owning Halloween 2013

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This Halloween, there's going to be a lot of Sterling Archers out there, and other TV fandoms that are bringing it this year.


This 'Cheers' Halloween Costume Is Quite Clever

By | 17 Comments

Ever thought of dressing up as the credits of your favorite TV show? This guy dressed as the "Created By" scene of Cheers sure did.


25 Halloween Costume Ideas From 25 Great TV Shows

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The best Halloween costume idea involves dressing up as Heisenberg or Dany.

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