Happy Halloween, Here Are Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pugs

In a perfect world, instead of having to buy candy to hand out to your extortionist kids so they don’t egg and toilet paper my house, there’d be a Halloween devoted solely to people who dress their pets up in costumes, and then my neighbors would all bring their dogs to my house so I could give them all cookie treats and rub their bellies. It would certainly beat the crap out of having to surrender my Starburst and Laffy Taffy to greedy little urchins, but I just generally like dogs more than children.

And if these Game of Thrones pugs showed up to my house, I’d probably give them each a filet mignon, because this is one of the greatest pet costumes I’ve ever seen. Then again, I once thought these dogs had the greatest costumes ever, so what the hell do I know?

(Banner via Reddit)