The 10 TV Fandoms That Are Owning Halloween 2013

Only one sleep left until the creepiest day of the year: Rob S-S-S-Schneider’s birthday. THE HORROR. Also, Halloween. Throughout the month, we’ve been showcasing the best (and worst) the Internet has to offer when it comes to costume ideas — from Cheers credits to “Sassy Rick Grimes” — and today, I’d like to highlight 10 TV fandoms that have been killing it this year. We’d expect nothing less from you, Archer admirers and Breaking Bad buffs. Leave the crappy costumes to the Dads devotees. Dressing up as racism is kids’ stuff. More of the above on Flickr.

1. Parks and Recreation

(Ron Swanson)

(Ben and Leslie)

(Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa)

(Wedding Leslie)

(Janet and Burt)

2. Game of Thrones

(The Hound)



(Red Wedding Spoiler Alert)

(Game of Thrones Ladies)

3. Bob’s Burgers


(The Belchers)

(The Belchers)

(Louise and Tina)


4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

(Fat Mac)

(Charlie Gets Quarantined)


(Lethal Weapon 5)


5. The Walking Dead



(Rick and the Governor)



6. The Simpsons

(Independent Thought Alarm)

(Idaho and Florida)

(The Bart The)

(Autoland Muffler)

(Nightmare Fuel)

7. Archer

(Lana and Archer)

(Lana and Archer)




8. South Park



(The Boys)

(Terrance and Phillip)

(The Coon)

9. Boardwalk Empire



(Richard (and Gus Fring))



10. Breaking Bad



(Breaking Bad Group)



(Banner via patimbeau on Flickr)