#Viral Videos

A Hiker Accidentally Caught The Chilean Volcano Erupting On Video

He got this video on his mobile phone, which allegedly only had 15% battery power remaining.


This Time Lapse Of A Volcano Is Crazy Beautiful To Watch

Watch Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupt over two weeks thanks to filmmaker Lance Page.


Watch This Guy Roast A Marshmallow Over An Active Volcano

A New Zealand man roasted a marshmallow over a lava lake. We bet it tasted like adventure.


A Strong Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hit The Northern San Francisco Bay Area


A strong earthquake shook the northern San Francisco Bay Area, causing damage and rattling nerves early this morning.


Let’s Watch A Suicidal Idiot/Parkour Genius Run Up A Hill Of Molten Lava

Here's a guy running up an incline plane of flowing lava, because sometimes YOLO stands for "I'm about to die, so make sure you get it on camera.

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