Let’s Watch A Suicidal Idiot/Parkour Genius Run Up A Hill Of Molten Lava

06.18.13 5 years ago


Here’s a guy running up an incline plane of flowing lava, because sometimes YOLO stands for “I’m about to die, so make sure you get it on camera.”

A “lava art craft worker” runs through a streaming lava flow on Mount Etna. Not recommended for imitation! The worker was very experienced and knew what he was doing.

Hopefully “knew what he was doing” includes “has a good reason to want to run up a hill of lava,” and the YouTube description just didn’t have enough characters to get it in. Here’s the clip:

Sorry, wrong clip.

Here you go:

And there you have it! A guy ran up a hill of lava, and the people around him didn’t even break conversation to notice. That is probably a great reason to run up a hill of f**king lava! Join us next time when this dude tries to piss into an oncoming tornado.

[via Kottke]

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