Shamble Into Wednesday With Some Comedic Zombie GIFs

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Here, have some constantly looping zombies to start off your Wednesday.


Weekend Movie Guide: People Seem To Like ‘Warm Bodies’

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Opening Everywhere: Warm Bodies, Bullet to the Head, Stand Up Guys FilmDrunk Suggests: Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh.

#Kick Ass 2

This Week in Posters & Stills: A German Shepard in a Mask

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Look, I've learned a few things about this blogging game, and one lesson I didn't miss was that if you've got a picture of a dog in mask, you lead with that.


Five New Clips From Zombie Romance ‘Warm Bodies’ Show Us What They’re Working With

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The newest clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies' haven't killed our excitement yet.


Bros Before Brains: New Clips And Posters From Zombie Romance 'Warm Bodies'

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Summit released new clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies', which gives us all the excuse we needed to catch up on the other stuff we forgot to cover.


Watch the first 4 minutes of zombie love story ‘Warm Bodies’

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Can combining two lame, played-out genres create something new.


This Week in Posters & Stills

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This Week in Posters was postponed last week, but now it's here.


‘Warm Bodies’ Is A Zombie Romance That Actually Looks… Good?

By | 7 Comments

The first trailer for zombie romantic comedy 'Warm Bodies' looks surprisingly funny and heartwarming.

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