Here’s A Look At Aubrey Plaza As A Probably Loveably Awkward Zombie In ‘Life After Beth’

Here’s Aubrey un-zombified. You know, just for comparison’s sake. 

So, zombie romances are apparently the new hot thing. We’ve already had Warm Bodies in which a girl loves a dude zombie, and now we have Life After Beth in which a dude loves a girl zombie. Aside from the gender swap, the other major difference between Warm Bodies and Life After Beth is that Beth has a far better cast.

The movie stars the lovely Aubrey Plaza as well as Dane DeHaan, Anna Kendrick, John C. Riley, Paul Reiser and Molly Shannon. I’d watch pretty much any movie with that cast, regardless of genre.

Also, Life After Beth looks like it’s going to be significantly less sanitized than Warm Bodies if this first promo image of Aubrey in her zombie makeup is any indication…

Here’s another shot courtesy of Shock Till You Drop

Did I mention this movie is opening at Sundance? Here’s the requisite indie movie overhead shot of people floating in a pool at night.

So okay, I’m willing to put up with Aubrey Plaza as a zombie, but after this no more zombie romances, got it? Well, unless they’re erotic zombie romances.

via First Showing & Shock Till You Drop

Aubrey via Shutterstock