Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Surprised A Couple Of Complete Strangers By Crashing Their Wedding


Snoop Dogg may have just out Bill Murray'ed Bill Murray by crashing these strangers wedding.


Jeff Goldblum Attended A Wedding, So Of Course They Took A ‘Jurassic Park’ Photo

By | 33 Comments

When asked if he'd join in on a special dinosaur-themed wedding photo, the always-charming Jeff Goldblum simply couldn't say no.


A Tornado Photobombed A Couple’s Badass Wedding Photos

By | 3 Comments

A tornado is the perfect wedding guest (so long as it's wayyyyyyyyyy far away).


A Wildfire Made These The Most Dramatic Wedding Photos You’ll Ever See

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Your wedding was half as interesting as this couple's. They had WILDFIRE.

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