20 Things About The Cast of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ That You Didn’t Know

09.11.12 5 years ago 53 Comments

Sons of Anarchy returns tonight with its fifth season, and I’ve been humming the theme song in my head all damn day. (Fact #21 on this list: “This Life” was co-written by Kurt Sutter, along with Curtis Stigers, who performs the song. It received an Emmy nod for best theme song in 1999). Kurt Sutter created a hell of a mess in the fourth season, but managed to clean it up way too tidy in the season finale. However, I expect the repercussions of that clean-up will echo throughout the entire fifth season, which sees the introduction of characters played by Joel McHale and Jimmy Smits, as well as the returning regular cast (not so fast, Piney). Most of the cast has been around for years, if not decades, as veteran character actors, and it’s great to see many of them finally get their due, becoming recognizable actors for the first time with Sons of Anarchy.

I spent a few hours doing some research, and to get you stoked for tonight’s premiere, here are 20 Things About the Cast of Sons of Anarchy That You Didn’t Know. Whatever you do, stick around for #16. It’s my favorite, although #5 might be slightly traumatizing.

1. Charlie Hunnam — Hunnam met his wife, Katherine Towne (Sunday in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when the two auditioned for Dawson’s Creek in 1999 (they divorced in 2002).

2. Hunnam, as most recall, played Lloyd, the British roommate in Judd Apatow’s Undeclared. If you didn’t see Undeclared, images from the show may look shocking to you. If you have seen Undeclared, it probably took quite some time to get used to Lloyd as a motorcycle gang member.

3. Hunnam is British, although in the few interviews I’ve seen him in, his British accent isn’t very British-y. Ironically, his cockney accent in Green Street Hooligans was recognized by many critics as one of the worst accents in the history of film. They weren’t wrong.

4. Despite the Green Street Hooligans accent, it was that part that attracted the attention of Kurt Sutter, who cast him in Sons of Anarchy. As bad as it was, however, it wasn’t as bad as his Southern accent in Cold Mountain.

5. Here’s your Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones/The Wire connection: Hunnam’s first major role was in the British version of Queer as Folk, where he and Aiden Gillan (Lord Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger in Game of Thrones and Carcetti in The Wire) enjoyed having rough sex together. Warning: REALLY weird imagery if you’re only used to seeing Hunnam as Jax Teller.

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