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By 06.01.10

The Nikita character has seen several iterations, from Anne Parillaud in Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita, to Bridget Fonda as the worst female action star ever in Point of No Return, to Peta Wilson in the Canadian television series that involved Nikita fighting beaver poachers and drunk ice fishermen (probably).

Next fall, the CW will air another remake/reboot/re-whatever starring Maggie Q, AKA the Asian chick that Bruce Willis killed in Live Free or Die Hard. The trailer below hits many of the right wickets — Maggie Q in a bikini, Maggie Q in lingerie, Maggie Q in bed, Maggie Q in lingerie WITH GUNS, Maggie Q in black leather, etc. — but still suffers from a distinct case of CW-itis: bad dialog, bag acting, bad music… pretty much bad everything else. I give this two thumbs down in a reverse wanking motion.

[via twitchfilm]


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