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By / 08.06.10

This clip from “Louie” is a week old, but I love it dearly.  I’ll try to avoid telling you why and how I feel this show is amazing (seeing as fill-ins doing that goes over about as well as screwing one of your sisters and never calling her again), but this scene gushes so much win that we’ll be scrubbing it off of seagulls for weeks.  In it, Louis C.K. eviscerates a female heckler.  Actually, eviscerates isn’t a strong enough word.  Eviscernukes?   Anyway, here’s a sampling:

“You’re the worst thing that ever happened in America.  Seriously, it goes: you, slavery, and then Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.”

Then he proceeds to liberally throw around the C-word about the heckler and her dead mother.  Now, I certainly don’t endorse throwing around the C-word about anyone’s dead mother.  Except maybe Hitler’s, I guess.  I doubt you’d get a bunch of people jumping to Hitler’s mom defense.  But in general, try to avoid it.  To quote crusty, stuffy, old money socialites, it’s just not done.  But when you heckle a comedian, someone who makes their living mocking things (often profanely), you deserve whatever comes back at you.  You poked the bear.


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