R.I.P. James Lee, Discovery Gunman

By: 09.01.10

Of course, the Squirrels mourned.

James Jay Lee, the militant environmentalist who took hostages at Discovery Networks headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland today, was shot and killed by police today just before 5 p.m. According to Breaking News:

Update on #Discovery: Sources tell NBC’s Pete Williams the suspected gunman is dead.

Not exactly the most detailed update, but I don’t think lone whack jobs have a high rate of survival against SWAT teams. Lee’s three hostages are all safe and out of the building.

Well, that was a wild and crazy afternoon, huh? I’m glad this ended more or less happily, otherwise I would have felt pretty bad about all those jokes I made when reading Lee’s manifesto. Rest in peace, James Lee. You were a criminal madman, but I will always respect your hatred of TLC’s baby-crazy programming. You will live on in my memory and these squirrel Photoshops I’m working on.

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