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By 10.11.10

Jane Lynch’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” was okay but unremarkable. Lynch certainly did well with the material she was given, but I would have liked her to have more and better material to work with. Anyway, since the episode didn’t elicit enough of a positive or negative reaction from me, I’m going with bullet point reactions. Relevant videos are embedded below.

  • The Sunday Night Football sketch was okay. Bill Hader’s Cris Collinsworth made me chuckle. (See? I told you the episode didn’t elicit much from me.)
  • The digital short (banner image) was enjoyably weird, but I thought the execution was lacking.
  • I haven’t seen video online, but the Mom-on-Facebook ad (inset) was good.
  • Jay Paroah’s Denzel Washington impression was terrific, and I enjoyed that it was worked sensibly into the sketch.
  • Kristen Wiig’s AWFUL Gilly character was shoehorned into a promising “Glee” sketch. In typical “SNL” fashion, instead of maximizing Jane Lynch’s role, they made a tiresome recurring character the focal point. I would have much rather seen Wiig as a track-suited rival to Lynch’s Sue Sylvester and watched the two trade barbs for three minutes.
  • I’m ready for anyone on the planet besides Seth Myers to be the anchor for Weekend Update.

As always, I welcome your thoughts. Especially the commenter who says “People still watch SNL?” every time I write a recap. That’s funny every week. You should definitely quit your job and write for SNL.

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