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Vodka-Soaked Tampons Are Seriously a Thing

By 11.10.11

Yesterday, my head exploded when I watched soaked tampons into their vaginas (or rectums) and also by using beer bongs for alcohol enemas. After I cleaned up the gray matter on my wall and reassembled the pieces of my skull, my head re-exploded to learn that the vodka-soaked tampon had been used as a punchline on “30 Rock.”

Now, to top it all off, here’s a 2008 clip from “The Doctors” that covers both vodka tampons and anal bongs. How did I never know about all this?┬áHere I am, drinking my alcohol like a sucker.

I feel so old. Whatever happened to teenagers just huffing spray paint and lighting fireworks? That was plenty stupid and dangerous for young people when I was in high school.

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