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15 Alluring Images of Elisabeth Moss, 'Mad Men's' Least Appreciated Beauty

By 05.07.12
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On a show that features characters played by Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Alison Brie, and Jessica ParĂ©, Elisabeth Moss often gets overlooked when it comes to the show’s sex appeal. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Moss’ character, Peggy Olson, is the least provocative character on the show, even if her character is often the most rich. That character, who has provided glimpses of the wilder woman that lay beneath in past seasons, is struggling to break out this year. Accordingly, she’s revealed much more of her sexier side in fashion shoots (it’s also likely it has nothing to do with her “Mad Men” character arc; maybe she just wants to rub her sex appeal in her ex-husband, Fred Armisen’s face). Either way, we’ve seen a different side of Moss in 2011-2012, an alluring side that has finally put the last vestiges of Zooey Bartlett (“West Wing”) to bed.

Check out the sexual awakening of Elisabeth Moss in the fashion magazines in this slide show, and make sure to head over to the Uproxx mothership to participate in the “Mad Men” weekly discussion.

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