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Suspected Creep Catches Sick Air

By 07.11.12

You know how sometimes you see something amazing, but then you look into it a little more and it ruins it completely? This is one of those times.

That screenshot is taken from a news story about a high-speed chase in California that ended with the suspect driving off the highway and catching an incredible amount of air before landing in a strip of trees. I was all set to download it and set the short clip of the jump to the audio of the horn from Dukes of Hazzard, but then I read this and it totally bummed me out.

An LAUSD teacher under investigation for lewd acts with a child has been taken to the hospital following a police chase that ended with the suspect’s truck flying off Crenshaw Boulevard and crashing near a Palos Verdes office building.

Fire crews had to extricate the driver from the vehicle, which came to rest on a hillside at Crenshaw Boulevard and North Indian Peak. After being trapped for about an hour, firefighters were able to cut the suspect out of his truck and take him to a hospital.

The suspect, who has been identified as Kip Arnold, a physical education teacher at Southeast Middle School, is under investigation for a lewd act with a minor, according to police. Arnold was stopped by Bell police in Lakewood. The suspect told officers he wanted to kill himself and took off, a California Highway Patrol spokesman said. [CBS Los Angeles]

Ugh. The lesson here, as always, is that if you see a truck flying off a highway you should just accept it as a gift from God and not research the backstory under any circumstances. Facts are a total buzzkill.


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