10 Things We Learned From ‘Walk With Me,’ Last Night’s Chilling Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By: 10.29.12

9. The Governor Really Is a Mean Son of a Bitch — For the first three-quarters of the episode, I thought perhaps we were getting robbed. After all the talk of how bad ass The Governor is, he seemed like a pleasant enough guy, an egotist perhaps, but pleasant, helpful, and generous. Then this happened.

When those National Guardsmen signed up for one weekend a month, two weeks a year, they never could’ve predicted this.

Then this happened.

Then I was like, “Oh you really are evil.” The Governor gave me that Sunday school teacher who let his power get to his head vibe. Like he wants to repopulate the Earth in his image. I have a strange feeling that the reason he kept Andrea and Michonne was to make Lil Governors with them against their will. With Merle on his side, he’s going to be quick to seek out Rick’s people in the prison so that 1) Merle can get revenge on Rick, and 2) so The Governor can find some more baby mamas. DON’T YOU TOUCH MAGGIE, YOU DICK.

10. The Heads, The F**king Heads — HE COLLECTS TROPHIES. Well, that pushed it over. Welcome, Governor. You, me, the folks here at Uproxx: We’re gonna get along just fine. If you could put Lori or Carl’s in your trophy case, you will win our hearts for all time.

Who needs a television when you have floating zombie heads?

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