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10 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Maddening ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

By / 11.14.12

4. Sons Live, Redwood Bleeds — I’m sure that what Otto meant by that was that he would save the club, but make them suffer. How you arrive at that is a convoluted mess, but let’s recap for clarity: Otto wants SAMCRO members to suffer because Bobby slept with his wife, and Jax basically got Luanne killed because he put the beat down on George Caruso. So, Otto wants revenge. He gets that by jerking himself off to spiritual enlightenment then convincing Tara to bring in Luanne’s crucifix so that he can kill a nurse with it. Why? Because the crucifix makes Tara an accessory to murder, which puts her at risk for jail time AND puts a target on both her and Jax’s back should the friends/family of the dead nurse want to take their revenge. Also: DING DING DING DING. There it is: The accessory to murder rap will cost Tara the surgeon position. But there are quite a few logical leaps that you have to make to get there, and you’d think there’d be a more direct means through which Otto could get back at the club. But hey! Sutter loves thinking three steps ahead, even if he has to clumsily force the narrative.

5. Clay Is Making Another Big Move — Once Clay sees that the RICO case is falling apart, he goes to Romero and the Feds and lets them know that, if the RICO case crumbles, Clay gets taken out and their connection to the drugs and coke fizzles. Romero doesn’t like this, and this is where the rub actually does get really interesting: To avoid losing that connection, Romero and the Feds plan to take out Jax and reinstall Clay at the head of the table, although Clay — evil as he is — is somewhat reluctant. This is the plot strand going forward that looks to be the most compelling: Pitting the Feds (with Clay as their figurehead) against Jax. It’s nasty business the government has gotten itself involved in, and could actually backfire and unite the club (see below).

6. Let’s Go Home — Back at Clay’s apartment, he tries to rekindle his bromance with Juice, who is suddenly annoyingly soft. SACK UP, SON. It’s hard to tell whether the speech had the desired effect, but I’m guessing that Juice will at least feel some remorse about turning on Clay. Meanwhile, Clay makes a move on Gemma, and per Gemma’s deal with Jax, she invites him back to their place, where — again — Gemma’s decision to bang him is half political maneuvering on behalf of Jax and half genuine affection.

It’s not too hard to envision a scenario in Kurt Sutter’s mind where Clay and Gemma legitimately reconcile, and in order to salvage his relationship with Gemma, Clay saves Jax from Romero, which also earns Clay a pardon with Jax. I’m guessing that at some point, Nero goes psycho, too, requiring someone (Tig?) to come in and save Gemma and/or Clay from Nero. That very well could be the end game for the season: All of SAMCRO is forced to work together to save each other, everyone lives (except Juice, because he plays both sides), and the season ends with a musical montage over everyone crowded around the Teller kids opening Christmas presents. TA DA!

7. But There’s Also Another Layer — The one potential hangup to the above scenario is Eli and Unser. Gemma spilled the beans to Unser, and Unser spilled the beans about Clay to Eli because NOBODY CAN KEEP A SECRET ON THIS SHOW. So, now Eli wants Clay’s head, and Unser is behind it. I actually like where this is going, too, and it could fit together nicely with the above scenario: SAMCRO unites against the Feds, and Jax pushes back on Eli. It would effectively separate Eli (and Unser) from SAMCRO, and present a reset of sorts: Unser is made Eli’s deputy or something, and we go into next season where things ought to be: Charming Authorities vs. SAMCRO.

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