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Take A Bow, Ad Wizards: 10 Best Commercials Of 2012

By 12.11.12

7. Chrysler, “It’s Halftime in America”

This Super Bowl ad, featuring Clint Eastwood, got the Republican in a little trouble after pundits began accusing Eastwood of supporting Obama, but politics aside, it was a solid, heart-warming ad that highlighted the comeback of the American automotive industry.

6. Red Bull, “Red Bull Stratos”

This Red Bull ad basically edited Felix Baumbgartner’s free-fall from space down to a minute-and-a-half, and when a guy does something that daring and courageous, you don’t really need to embellish it much. Jesus, I still can’t believe that guy did that. Titanium balls, y’all.

5. Old Milwaukee, “Field Cut Off”

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad made a huge splash on the Internet, in part because it was aired on television in only one town, North Platte, Nebraska (the second smallest television market in America). It was several days, in fact, before a clean copy even arrived on the Internet. Ferrell did the ad for free, and for no apparent reason, but hell if it didn’t work. It’s a fantastic ad not for its content, but for the marketing strategy behind it.

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