Let’s Talk About This Week’s Episodes Of ‘Happy Endings’: “Kickball” And “The Ex Factor”

By: 01.16.13  •  104 Comments

The Ex-Factor

  • Two major stories in this episode: One involving attractive ladies kissing each other, and one involving Mark-Paul Gosselaar as a super-cool ladies man who moves in with Max. This is a good episode. (There is also a smaller story about Penny meeting her new boyfriend’s friends, which serves as a nice reminder that all of the main characters on this show are crazy people.)
  • So it turns out Jane’s ex, Ryan, is a girl, and she has lots of other ambiguously named exes. Interesting. Brad doesn’t disagree with this assessment.
  • Although once he finds out Jane and Ryan were actually, like, in love and not just a fling, he’s goes into a hilarious tailspin that involves Powerpoint presentations, graphs, inviting his own ex over, and Adobe Cut and Paste. In between more ‘shups, naturally.
  • “It’s gonna be an awesome night.” “We’re not gonna have a threeway.” “It’s gonna be a pretty good night.”
  • Brad’s pronunciation of “Whoooooooo-ich is why I’ve decided to invite another adult to dinner” = <3
  • STANDING OFFER: If any super-cool person wants to move-in with me, pay me five months rent up front, redecorate my apartment with lots of fancy stuff (including a hot tub), and upgrade my cable to include to the NBA package, that would be A-OK with me. Especially if you are Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
  • Alex, Dave, and Max going into sleuth mode led to lots of great gags, but none topped the three of them trying to do the greeting/chair spin move when Chase’s floozy opened the door. I watched that three times, once in slow-motion. Awesome each time.
  • Dave looks like “Rachel Maddow with a goatee” in Chase’s glasses.
  • “A real gentleman saves someone from a well and never mentions it again.”
  • Their sleuthing ends up uncovering Chase’s big secret, which is that he’s using Max’s apartment as a “sex shack” to cheat on his wife. This leads to his wife chucking a drink in his face, and his promise “ruin Max’s life.” PLEASE LET THIS MEAN HE WILL RE-APPEAR PERIODICALLY AS MAX’S NEMESIS OH PLEASE OH PLEASE.

In conclusion, here is Alex being adorable. See you next week.

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