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Please Enjoy This GIF Of Alison Brie Dancing In A Chicken Suit (And The Morning Links)

By 06.24.13

alison shocked

Community DVD extra, or Alison’s audition tape for Arrested Development? You decide. (Via)

Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Fight A Clueless Security Guard — (UPROXX)

Watch Jon Stewart’s Arabic-Speaking Appearance On The Egyptian Daily Show — (WG)

Independence Day 2 Will Be Released In 2015 — (Film Drunk)

The Green Power Ranger Has Challenged WWE’s CM Punk To An MMA Fight — (With Leather)

9 Obscure Characters That Should Join The Wii Fit Trainer In Super Smash Bros. Wii U — (Gamma Squad)

Taco Bell Will Now Offer Menu Items With Even More Meat — (Smoking Section)

Aaron Hernandez Movie Posters? — (KSK)

12 Endearingly Goofy Early Roles Of The Cast Of Mad Men — (Pajiba)

10 Questions Still Baffling Scientists — (Mental Floss)

The 7 People You’re Always Splitting the Bill With — (College Humor)

Reshoots, Showers, and Self-Laceration: Judging Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom Testimony — (Grantland)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Sausage Party — (Clip Nation)

The 5 Most Hilarious Actor Meltdowns Behind Famous Movies — (Cracked)

alison brie chicken

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