Here’s Your First Look At Stephen Colbert On Tonight’s ‘Late Show’

By: 04.22.14  •  12 Comments
Colbert on the Late Show


Stephen Colbert is the guest of honor on tonight’s Late Show on CBS, as the host of The Colbert Report will finally sit down with David Letterman to speak face-to-face with the man that he will eventually replace. As we already know, Letterman will be retiring at some point in 2015, and Colbert will make the incredible leap from his wonderful and beloved Comedy Central show to the late night talk show circuit, where he will face off nightly against his good friend, Jimmy Fallon.

In this new clip, Letterman pays a huge compliment to his eventual successor by saying that CBS could have gone out and gotten “some boob,” just like him, but instead they went with someone a little different, despite Colbert’s claim that “every boob is like a snowflake.” While it’s just a short clip, I’d still say that Colbert has the smile of a man who simply can’t believe his luck.

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