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Connie Chung Got Wine Drunk And Reenacted A ‘Maury’ Episode With Her Husband On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

By 05.09.14


Connie Chung and husband Maury Povich joined Andy Cohen on this week’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, acting out a scene from Maury for the “Clubhouse Playhouse” segment — combining some of my favorite things: Wine, daytime television and drunk Connie Chung.

Hey, remember when Connie Chung was a respected member of mainstream journalism? Yeah, me neither. But just in case, watching drunk Connie Chung clutching a pair of women’s panties in the air while yelling “THIS IS NOT MY THONG! THIS IS TOO SMAAAAAAAL!” will ensure you never will.

Seriously though, she seems like a fun lady. I would throw back some chardonnay with her anytime.

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