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50 Cent Finally Responded To Aziz Ansari’s Ridiculous Grapefruit Story

By 06.04.14
aziz 50 cent

Comedy Central

50 Cent is a ridiculous human being/Vitamin Water cyborg, and I will believe anything about him. So if in Dangerously Delicious, Aziz Ansari says that he was at a restaurant with 50 Cent, who upon ordering a grapefruit soda, asked his waiter, “Why isn’t this purple?” I immediately accept ALL of it as fact. But until his Reddit AMA yesterday, no one actually asked Mr. Cent about the truthiness of Aziz’s tale.

I need to know if there is any truth behind Aziz’s Grapefruit story. Can you shed some light on that?

my grandma used to get me grapefruit juice as a kid. he’s a comedian. Ima have his ass whoop if he keeps saying that lol

So there you go: Aziz is a no-good liar. In other news:

Yo $0.50…what happened on that pitch?

I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol


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