A Dame To Look For: Six Times You May Have Seen Eva Green’s Awesome Boobs

eva green

Dimension Films

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a better title than it is a movie, but it could’ve been even better. If Dimension Films had been smart, they would have renamed it Sin City: Eva Green’s Awesome Boobs. Film Drunk and Gamma Squad have fastidiously reported on the controversy over Green’s nipples on the Sin City poster, and her subsequent response that you should “enjoy yourself, you know.” OK!

This isn’t the first time Green, who’s a fascinating actress to watch (she’s like Helena Bonham Carter, except her candid weirdness doesn’t feel like an act), has been the best (only?) reason to see one of her films or TV shows. Let’s break down every time you have seen her and her awesome boobs.

1. The Dreamers (2003)

eva green dreamers

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Like many, the first time I saw Eva Green was in Casino Royale. That’s a great movie and she’s excellent in it as Vesper Lynd, and yet I wish my introduction had been a different movie: The Dreamers. Think Last Tango in Paris, but instead of Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, it’s Michael Pitt’s penis and Eva Green. ALL of Eva Green. My memory of The Dreamers is a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall Green being completely naked for about 85% of the film, and that there’s a lot of uncomfortable incest and, again, even more unsettling Michael Pitt’s penis. No wonder it’s rated NC-17.

2. Cracks (2009)

eva green cracks

IFC Films

DEEP CUT. Green plays a diving instructor at a British boarding school, so of course there’s a skinny dipping scene. Or as the Brits call it, starkers splashing.

3. Perfect Sense (2011)

eva green perfect sense

IFC Films

Ewan McGregor is the male Eva Green. He’s always naked (I assume Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a euphemism for oral sex). Naturally, the de Niro and Pacino of on-screen nudity are, you guessed it, stripped bare in Perfect Sense. The movie’s about a worldwide epidemic that causes people to lose their senses, or something, and McGregor and Green play a chef and an epidemiologist, respectively. Also, there’s a cutesy bathtub scene. (I suppose I should have said this earlier, but I can’t embed any of these scenes, for obvious reasons, but they’re readily available online.)

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