10 Actresses Who Are ‘TV Ugly’ But ‘Real World Hot’

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07.11.12 102 Comments

I’m in San Diego right now for Comic-Con (shameless “Comic-Con” tag alert!), preparing for four full days of Hobbit costumes, Community and Breaking Bad panels, and a whole lot of this:

It’s gonna be great.

Where once “nerd” used to mean “smart, anti-social person who plays Dungeons & Dragons and drinks Mountain Dew and goes to Comic-Con for the comics,” the term is now more closely associated with, “OMGIAMSUCHANERDBECAUSEILOVETWILIGHTSOMUCH.” And in the past, whenever a “nerd” appeared on TV, they were usually played by an attractive person…who wore GLASSES and ILL-FITTING CLOTHES. The horror!

These people are considered “TV ugly,” because they’re actually quite attractive in the real world. Luckily, this hilarious, misplaced trope still exists — here are 10 actresses who are supposedly “TV ugly” (because we’re told that no man would ever want them) but “real world hot.”

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