Good News Fellas, Alison Brie Is Totally Open To ‘Amazingly Platonic Foot Massages’

Editorial Director
01.31.13 48 Comments

Not Pictured: Alison’s beautiful feet.

CBS did the internet a huge disservice this AM by not having a video of UPROXX muse Alison Brie’s Letterman appearance uploaded to the world wide web bright and early. But I’m happy to announce that a clip of her stalker-tastic foot massage story with Dave has just been made available so I dropped everything (i.e. fan fiction entitled “Annie Edison and Trudy Campbell Open a Car Wash”) to get this up for you guys.

Unfortunately no footage of Ms. Brie revealing her full real name, Alison Brie Schermerhorn, is to be found, but Cajun Boy assures me it is pronounced “Skirmerhorn.” You know, so none of us makes a fool out of ourselves when we see her in the market and strike up a conversation about touching each other’s feet in a non-romantic way…

Moral of the story once again: Persistence is everything in life. And Alison Brie is good at dresses.

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