Andy Dwyer Reacts To Great Moments In Recent Television History

By 05.24.13

With no new comedies last night I found myself missing Parks & Rec harder than ever. And then I thought about Summer Roberts’s Guide to Summer TV and it got even worse. But my life motto is that there’s nothing more pointless than an empty glass AND it’s the Friday before Memorial Day AND I’m always looking for ways to use this season finale GIF, so having Andy Dwyer react to awesome things in recent television history feels like a good idea. Roll with it.

Mild spoilers that should in no way be considered spoilers by UPROXX regulars ahead.

Daenerys Gets Her Groove Back

Pete Campbell Falls Down The Stairs

Arlo Can Give Some

Richard Harrow Goes Terms Of Enrampagement

Arrested Development Gets A Trailer

Ken Cosgrove Tap Dances

Tyrion Makes The Greatest Threat

Michael Scott Returns

And Of Course, Walt Whitman Is A Meth Dealer*

*Andy Dwyer reaction can and will be applied to all Breaking Bad final season moments.

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