‘Bachelor’ Indulges in Vampire Craze

01.04.11 7 years ago 15 Comments

As usual, “The Bachelor” debuted with what it does best: shirtless shots of the hunky stud to be won and painfully saccharine blather about the “journey” for “true love.” But as Brad Womack met his 30 suitors — almost all of them clad in cheap prom dresses — few stood out as much as Madison, a model from Brooklyn who sports vampire fangs. Watch the video below: even though Brad doesn’t make any kind of connection with her, he drops the ol’ “There’s something I like about her.” Translation: “She’s a hot blonde with great tits.”

And here’s a shocker for you: this Madison Garton is actually an actress who goes by the stage name Madison McKinley — she was even featured in a “rising star” feature in Star Magazine late last year (see slideshow). No! An aspiring actress competing on “The Bachelor”? Why, it’s unthinkable! This could ruin the integrity of “The Bachelor” and all the zero marriages it has produced!
But seriously, Brad was right to give this chick a rose. Even with the fangs and underground vampire club membership, she’s absolutely smokin’. If I were the Bachelor, she could confess to being an illiterate racist, and I’d still be all, “There’s something I really like about Madison. I feel we have a connection that I’d like to explore more.”
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Madison in “30 Rock.” Me too, honey. Me too.

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