Bear Grylls Rappelled Down A Fiery Building To Promote His New Show. Kind of. (Not Really.)

09.26.13 4 Comments


It’s been a little while since we checked in with noted adventurer and human waste aficionado Bear Grylls. Let’s see what he’s been up t-… aaaaaaaaaaaaaand he’s lighting a flare and rappelling down a huge building that has flames projected onto it while loud techno music plays and large, real fireballs shoot up from the ground. Obviously.

The stunt, which took place at London’s Battersea Power Station, was done to promote Grylls’ new Discovery Channel series Escape From Hell, and actually resulted in at least one call to the London fire department. Can you even imagine being the 911 operator who took that call? Taken as an actual, non-marketing event, a man dressed in all black blowing up a giant decommissioned power plant and then rappelling down the front of it sounds like the pre-credits sequence of a Batman movie.

Anyway, that’s what Bear Grylls has been up to.

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