Everything We Learned About Bernie Sanders From His Colbert Appearance

02.11.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Dining with the Reverend Al Sharpton in Harlem wasn’t the only thing Bernie Sanders was up to in New York on Wednesday. The Democratic presidential candidate also visited the set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he interrupted the titular host’s monologue for a short gag while trying his best to look directly at the cue cards he was reading from. The longtime Vermont senator also sat down with Colbert later in the show to discuss his New Hampshire Primary win and many other topics.

Among other things, the two discussed the particulars of Sanders’ win in New Hampshire — especially the fact that his campaign attracted 86 percent of voters 18 to 24. Aside from suggesting Sanders was a real-life puppymonkeybaby (unsurprisingly, he didn’t know the reference), Colbert wondered why younger voters were flocking to the candidate. Sanders suspected (as many of his critics do) that his statements regarding universal healthcare and free college tuition for all American citizens, especially as a means of avoiding the current, debt-ridden situation of many young people, were at fault for his success.

“Young people are idealistic, and they look at a world with so many problems and they say, ‘Why not?'” he said. “Why can’t all people in this country have healthcare? Why can’t we make public colleges and universities tuition-free?”

The studio audience’s cheers to the contrary, Colbert countered with the obvious answer: “The answer is, that it’s expensive. It’s a very expensive thing to do.”

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