Cinemax Is Developing A Crime Drama Based On One Of Bruce Lee’s Unmade Passion Projects

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Bruce Lee - Der Letzte Kampf Der Todeskralle

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Cinemax announced today that it is a developing a new drama called Warrior. The series is described as “a visceral crime drama that traces the path of a gifted but morally corrupt fighter thrown into crisis after a lifelong quest for vengeance is undermined,” and the pilot — should it get to that point — will be written by Banshee creator Jonathan Tropper and directed by Fast & Furious veteran Justin Lin, and none of that is the most interesting part of the announcement.

The most interesting part is that Warrior is based on an unmade passion project from martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

From Deadline:

Warrior had been a passion project that Bruce Lee spent many years working on, but was never published or produced. Years after Lee’s sudden 1973 death at age 32, his daughter found a large collection of handwritten notes that Bruce wrote himself on the concept for the series that became the inspiration for the show. Perfect Storm Entertainment and [Bruce Lee’s daughter] Shannon Lee then brought the idea to Cinemax, with Tropper coming on board as writer/executive producer.

So then the big question here becomes “Yo, but will this be good?” And the answer, at this point, as with all projects that are in development, is “Uh, idk.” But it does look pretty cool on paper. Banshee is a super fun, super fast-paced action series, and the Fast & Furious movies Lin directed — Tokyo Drift through Fast & Furious 6 — took the franchise from the scrap heap and turned it into a box office juggernaut. Any crime series with the two of them involved would be intriguing.

The Bruce Lee aspect just makes it, like, double intriguing. Double intriguing is a good start.

(Via Deadline)

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