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Buckle in readers, we have some REALITY GAME SHOW CONTROVERSY. See, the other night on “Million Dollar Money Drop,” this couple answered a question wrong and lost $800,000. But then it turned out maybe they weren’t wrong, and just got hosed. Let’s break this down.

The question asked which product was sold in stores first: the Macintosh computer, the Walkman, or the Post-It Note. The above couple was all, “Oh man it’s totally Post-It Notes,” and then the guy who played Lt. Weinberg in A Few Good Men was all, “Haha losers wuz the Walkman duh!” and the all the money dropped.

BUT THEN, Gawker stepped in and was all “Wait hold on Post-It Notes were actually market tested before they were released nationally, and THAT predates the sale of the Walkman.”  And then the Internet was all, “ZOMG EPIC,” and FOX was like, “Move along nothing to see here.”  Then the people who lost were all, “So wait can we have the money back?” and everyone said no.  And then I was like, “Oh mother of god I don’t care.  Not even a little.  And I’m TRYING to care.  I’m sitting here, writing for a TV blog about a TV story involving a large sum of money, and I still care so little about this story that you couldn’t find how much I care if you had a magnifying glass and a bloodhound specifically bred to sniff out how much I care about television game show news stories.”

And then I posted this video of baby red pandas I found on Buzzfeed.  The End.

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