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Trust me on this one. If you’ve never seen the clip from “The Soup” in which Stains the Cupcake Dog stares longingly at cupcakes, your life is incomplete.  Poor Cupcake Dog!  His owner should be the Megan Fox rose boy.  [YouTube]

10 Must See Michael Jackson Impersonations. And by “must-see” I mean “creepy.”  [Hail Mary Jane]

People on TV are attractive. Pictures of all the attractive women on ABC’s “Superstars.”  It’s better than actually watching the show.  [InGameNow]

News coverage of celebrity deaths sucks. This cartoon really says it all.  [YepYep]

Yeah, but her publicist is a f-cking jackass. Olivia Munn is nice to look at.  Though frankly, I’d prefer it if she wore nerd fantasy costumes everywhere she went.  [Don Chavez]

Sad face of the day. Lindsay is leaving Videogum, meaning that the site will devolve into twee 4000-word essays about things that really happened but are written as if they were hypothetical situations.

The future of pornographic fast food advertising. Yikes.  I bet you could get an STD from Taco Bell.  [Best Week Ever]

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