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This has nothing to do with television, but it’s given me endless pleasure today, so I’m borrowing a page from FilmDrunk’s Friday Free For All to give you the video below: TWO CORGIS ON A TREADMILL. The clip is only 18 seconds long, but I could easily watch it on loop for three hours. I’m particularly intrigued by the 13-second mark, when a THIRD Corgi enters the frame — but then the video ends before we see what happens with the third Corgi. It’s the same feeling Bart and Lisa had when Itchy and Scratchy didn’t go to the fireworks factory.

Of course, it was last Friday that I made the Rainbow Sunglasses Corgi Photoshop, so maybe I’m ushering in a new era: Corgi Fridays. What do you people think? Vote for or against Corgi Friday as a recurring feature after the video.

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