Hot Spanish Women Are The Reason Adam Reed Created ‘Archer’

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It’s not only True Romance celebrating a 20th anniversary this year — so is FX. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to many of our favorite people on our favorites shows (and Kurt Sutter!) about what it’s like to work for the two-decade-old network “that encourages smart TV (almost) without rules.”

The entire series is worth a read, but I especially like Archer creator Adam Reed’s write-up.

In 2008, after having yet another show canceled, I walked the 1,000-kilometer Via de la Plata, which runs from Seville in the south of Spain to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest. On the walk, I was to come up with a new show idea (to satisfy my slavering agents, Matt and Joel). But after 500 kilometers of rain, mud, broiling sun and barking dogs — alternating daily between two sets of clothes and four socks — I was an exhausted, bearded mess.

So I took a much needed laundry/ blister/sanity break in Salamanca, where the main industry, turns out, is breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful women. They are everywhere. So I sat on the Plaza Mayor for three days — drinking either coffee or beer or gin, depending on the time of day — surrounded by these Spanish women who seemed both unaware and completely aware of their beauty. Occasionally they would glance over — and catch me gaping at them — and just smile at me like, “I know, right?” And for three days, I couldn’t even splutter “Buenos dias” to any of them.

And thus was Sterling Archer born — he would’ve absolutely sauntered over to a table full of those women and sat down and ordered an entire case of cava or whatever. (Via)

Weird. And here I was thinking all TV showrunners are astronaut hunks who only write when they’re bored with threesomes. Kind of like bloggers.

Via the Hollywood Reporter

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