If You Watch TLC, I Will Cut You

04.08.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

Even though everyone with a conscience loathes Kate Gosselin, and even though the only thing Kate’s good at it is sucking the joy out of life, TLC has given her another show that will debut next fall.

It’s called “Twist of Kate.” [*clicks hammer back on revolver* -Ed.] Unable to legally show Gosselin parenting her own kids as originally planned, the network is announcing a new series at its upfront presentation in New York today where Gosselin travels the country to watch … other people parenting. And working too!

From the network: “In each episode, she’ll walk a mile in someone else’s shoes — meeting real families in the middle of their own extraordinary challenges. She’ll try out their jobs…see how their home life runs… see what they’re up against… and find out what they do to let off steam. Each family will have some unique circumstance that is a story in itself. As Kate gets to know them she’ll roll up her sleeves and see what she can do to help.”

I know what she can do to help: STFU and GTFO of the way. Oh, but wait — there’s more:

TLC also announced TWO more large family series — “Quintuplet Surprise” and “Carpio Family Project.” The former with a six-year-old daughter and five newborn babies, the latter with an eight-year-old son and 18-month-old sextuplets. All three shows are planned for the third quarter.

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