Is Kurt Sutter Gonna Have to Choke a Blogger?

02.11.11 7 years ago 26 Comments

As we’ve documented before, “Sons of Anarchy” creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter is not a man to be trifled with. But that’s what ScreenJunkies blogger “Fred Topel” inadvertently did when he interviewed “SOA” star Charlie Hunnam at Sundance, where Hunnam was promoting his film The Ledge.

Q: Where does Jax [Hunnam’s character] need to go in Season Four?

CH: I think that he needs to assert himself and needs to control his psychotic mother [played by Katey Sagal, Sutter’s wife -Ed.] who has no place trying to run a motorcycle club. If I was in charge of the writing, I would really, really pull back on that because that’s just a device that doesn’t ever ring true to me. So it’s very frustrating to me sometimes to be put in a position as an actor to have to play out scenes where I don’t believe the dynamic and I don’t believe that Jax would ever be taking orders from his mother, you know. So I hope that that is something that can be remedied a little bit.

Fans of the show accused Topel of baiting Hunnam and/or twisting his words and/or taking the comments out of context, so Topel posted the full audio of the interview, but it was too late: Sutter had already caught wind of it and proceeded to call Topel a c*nt six different times. He ends his diatribe with a rather intimate threat of violence:

If I ever meet the c*nt who wrote the article (and I know who the f*ck you are), I’ll rip his f*cking heart, sh*t in the hole, then make his mother eat it.

Wait… is Kurt gonna make Topel’s mom eat Topel’s heart or the sh*t in his chest hole? I’d hate for a misplaced modifier to get in the way of Sutter’s violent revenge.

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