Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk And Tried To Dance With An Unamused Jennifer Lopez

05.16.14 4 years ago 18 Comments
jlaw beard


Now that we’ve all made our “Jennifer Lawrence’s box” jokes, it’s time to move onto J-LAW AND JIMMY’S BEEF. (Try to say something dirty about about the word “beef.” It’s impossible.) It seems that at a recent event, the two, after downing “10 Jello shots,” devised a plan in which they would get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them. Lawrence said, “So I was like, ‘We’ll do a spin, and then we’ll go, ‘Dance with us!'” They even worked on their choreography in private, because Jimmy Fallon is the luckiest man alive.

Anyway, I won’t ruin the rest of the story, but J-Law didn’t end up looking like this.

jlaw dance

Well, she did, but more drunk, and with a pissed off J-Lo in front of her.

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